Deaf Monty's Wine and Cicchetti
at Inn Port D'Vino
22 Brown St.
Dayton, OH 45402
Deaf Monty's Wine and Cicchetti
@ Inn Port D'Vino


Bread and Cheese and Olives...with a glass of Monty's Wine.
That is cicchetti, in a nutshell. In Venice, you'll stop at a wine bar, and they sell little snacks that go perfectly with a glass of wine. This is not fancy fare, but below are some typical offerings that
you'll find on our cicchetti menu:

  • Bakery Bread with olive oil for dipping
  • Olives stuffed with garlic, jalapenos, or almonds
  • A baby bowl of cheese cubes with crackers

But it gets better! You can bring in your own snacks or even a full meal to Deaf Monty's. Create the perfect food pairing to go with your Deaf Monty's Wine experience. We are just steps from Thai-9, Franco's Italian, Jay's Seafood, Lily's Bistro, Blind Bob's, Oregon Express and Dublin Pub.

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